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Country Paws Boarding kennels Christchurch cattery01
Country Paws Boarding kennels Christchurch cattery02

All cats are housed in their very own self-contained, multi levelled apartment including bedding, litter tray, a bottomless food bowl to graze at their leisure, and fresh water. We do have double units available for those two cat family’s that want to hang together.

All cats are encouraged to venture from their apartment at cleaning and feeding times to wonder the cattery and say hi to the other guests, for those shy or “I would rather just do my own thing” cats then they are welcome to cuddles, pats and conversation with our experienced staff while their room is being serviced.

For those colder months the cattery can be heated to a cozy comfortable temperature to laze away those wintery days.


All cats are fed twice daily with premium dry royal canin which is left in the unit if your cat prefers to graze throughout the day. We also offer a quality “wet” supplement in the morning if they wish to indulge.

Various treats and snacks are offered throughout the day if this is ok with mum and dad.


Life stage food is also offered if required, ie Kitten & Senior varieties.


Your cat needs to be vaccinated against: Feline Enteritis (Panleucopenia), Feline Rhinotracheitis & Calicivirus Infection. Vaccination against Feline Chlamydia is also recommended.

Before booking your furry friend with us, please check the date on their vaccination record card and bring this with you at time of boarding.

If your cat has not been vaccinated within the last 12 months then they need to be vaccinated at least 10 days prior to boarding.

We are unable to accept cats that do not meet these vaccination standards, so please, If you are in any doubt whether they are up to date, check with your vet as soon as possible who will be able to advise you on this. Your cat may need a booster vaccination prior to boarding.

​Medical Requirements:

If your cat is on medication we can continue with attending to your cats medical needs during their stay with us. Bring the medication with written instructions on dosage and timing of these. Also if your cat is on a prescription diet, we can continue feeding this to them. Please label all bags with name, amounts and frequency.
We have also had experience administering insulin injections to diabetic pets.

Worm and Flea Treatment:

It is highly recommended that you Worm & Flea treat your cat at least 1 week before boarding with us.

​Personal Pet Items:

You are more than welcome to bring your cat/s own bedding, favourite toy etc, This can help settle your furry friends if they are not used to the cattery environment. We will endeavour to look after and keep track of these items but as stated in our terms and conditions, we cannot take financial responsibilities for any mishaps.

If you have someone else collecting your pet/s for you, we will need your authority to release your pet and they will need to provide us with appropriate identification.

Thank you for entrusting us to care for your pet

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